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Yamuna Teacher Training

Created by Yamuna Zake, Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a Body Sustainability practice and self-therapy. It provides a thorough teaching and understanding of anatomy and physiology of the skeleton and soft tissue as a basis for learning self-correcting routines that help re-align, adjust and maintain every part of the body. It will improve range of motion, enhance performance, and prevent injuries or breakdowns in the body. This newly updated 60 hour teacher training will not only benefit clients that you work with but also your own self care as the practitioner. Adding a YAMUNA® training to your present practice will enhance your knowledge and skill. The work can easily be integrated into any other technique that you offer. There are many benefits of YBR, some of which include: direct bone stimulation, freeing both deep and superficial fascial lines, increased circulation, greater body awareness and learning your own anatomy to self heal.

“A ball is just a ball without the right education” -Yamuna Zake

Cost: $2450 CND plus GST (5%)

Teacher Trainer: Cathy Morrison

Required Yamuna® Product: Silver Ball, Gold Ball, Pearl Ball, Black Balls (pair), pump. You can order a kit for a discounted rate or additional balls if you are missing any, please contact Cathy for more information.

Purchasing the Yamuna AnatomyU® app is also highly recommended for studying, practicing and teaching.

Exam fees to become certified: $280 plus GST (5%) (this includes two practical exams). You have one year from the course to complete all requirements.

Benefits of becoming certified: Being certified in a technique that is always evolving to provide your clients the highest quality in education and benefits. Purchase most Yamuna® products at a discounted price, your information listed on the Yamuna® website, unlimited support (including a private Facebook community) and a practitioner specific newsletter.

Requirements once certified: $150 USD annual dues directly to Yamuna. Recertification every 2 years, either through a Yamuna® course that counts as a recert or by purchasing a recert course (digital or DVD based) through

For more background information about the technique and Yamuna, please visit

FEBRUARY Friday 15-Tuesay 19 & March Thursday 14-Sunday 17

Location: The Glencoe Club 636 29th Ave SW, Calgary AB

Hours: Fri Feb 15 1:30-8:30pm, Sat Feb 16 1:30-8:30pm, Sun Feb 17 1-8:30pm, Mon Feb 18 11:30am-7:30pm, Tues Feb 19 11:45am-5:45pm, Thurs Mar 14 11:45am-5:45pm, Fri Mar 15 1:30-8:30pm, Sat Mar 16 1:30-8:30pm, Sun Mar 17 1-5:30pm

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June Wednesday 19- Thursday 27

Location: The Glencoe Club 636 29th Ave SW, Calgary AB

Hours: Wed Jun 19 1:15-7:15pm, Thurs Jun 20 11:45am-5:45pm, Fri Jun 21 1:30-8:30pm, Sat Jun 22 1:30-8:30pm, Sun Jun 23 1-8:30pm, Mon Jun 24 12-7pm, Tues Jun 25 11:45am-5:45pm, Wed Jun 26 1:30-8pm, Thurs Jun 27 11:45am-5:45pm

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