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Do You Yamuna®?

Do you yamuna®?


Created by Yamuna Zake, Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a Body Sustainability practice and self-therapy. It works with the logical order of anatomy as a basis for learning self-correcting routines that help re-align, adjust and maintain every part of the body. It will improve range of motion, enhance performance, and prevent injuries or breakdowns in the body. There are many benefits of YBR, some of which include: bone stimulation, freeing both deep and superficial fascial lines, increased circulation, greater body awareness and learning your own anatomy to self heal.

Cathy has over 550 hours of training in this technique and has taken most of the courses directly from Yamuna. She is one of only 47 Yamuna® Teacher Trainers worldwide. Cathy is available for weekly private or group classes in Calgary, AB. Please contact her for availability and pricing.

Interested in teacher training to deepen your knowledge or becoming certified to teacher others? View the current course offerings here.

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