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Yamuna® Table Training

Yamuna® Table Training

Hands-on therapists understand that it is important to train in a variety of techniques since not all clients respond to the same type of treatment. It is also beneficial for the general health of the therapist to use several techniques and different ways of using the body in order to reduce the wear and tear of repetitive impact that accompanies the massage profession.

The Yamuna® Table Treatment involves very little direct pressure on fingers or hands. It uses the generalized body weight of the therapist to apply pressure into the client’s body through the hands. The YAMUNA® balls act as a fulcrum to allow deeper work into joints.  

It is very easy to learn how to do this treatment and it is fun to do. You can see, and your clients will notice, the changes almost immediately. The sequence of the session follows the natural order of the body. All the basic principles of all of the Yamuna® work are applied. The treatment starts with direct bone stimulation, and then moves out from where the tendon attaches to the bone and then down into the body of the muscle towards its insertion. The ball is used as traction to achieve greater length, tone and freedom of movement. The constant goal of the therapist is to correct alignment of bones and muscles throughout the body and effortlessly increase the client’s freedom of movement. 

People get off the table and know they have had a session. The legs feel free, the hips are super loose, and the torso and head are floating upward. Clients love this work!

The certification training is 6 days:
You will learn

  • The basic YAMUNA® principles and how to apply them to a table treatment

  • How to work the legs from the pelvis to the feet

  • How to align all the bones from the pelvis to the feet

  • How to stabilize and align the pelvis

  • How to work the muscles which attach to the pelvis

  • How to align the pelvis to the femurs and the spine

  • How to work the spine and the muscles of the back from the sacrum up to the occiput

  • How to work from the anterior pelvis, through the anterior thorax and out the shoulders

  • How to work to align the muscles of the arms from the shoulders out to the hands

  • How to work specifically on shoulder injuries

  • How to work the neck in 360 degrees.

Experience of the YAMUNA® work, for example the Experiential Anatomy training, private table treatment 
session with a certified practitioner, series of YAMUNA® Body Rolling classes. For more information, 
please Contact Cathy here

For additional info about the Yamuna® work visit

Cost: $1795 CND plus GST (5%)

Teacher Trainer: Cathy Morrison

Required Yamuna® Product: Silver Ball, Gold Ball, Pearl Ball, Black Balls (pair), pump. You can order a kit for a discounted rate or additional balls if you are missing any, please contact Cathy for more information.

Requirements to become certified: Case studies you will perform on three different people for three sessions each. You have one year from the course to complete all requirements.

Requirements once certified: $150 USD annual dues directly to Yamuna. Recertification every 2 years, either through a Yamuna® course that counts as a recert or by purchasing a recert course (digital or DVD based) through

August 23-28 2019

Location: The Glencoe Club 636 29th Ave SW, Calgary AB

Hours: Fri Aug 23 1:30-8pm, Sat Aug 24 1:30-8pm, Sun Aug 25 1:30-8pm, Mon Aug 26 11:15am-4:15pm, Tues Aug 27 12:30-5:45pm, Wed Aug 28 1-7:30pm

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Questions or need to arrange a payment plan to cover the training? Contact Cathy here